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Taking your business to the next level.

FFigures was started with the vision of combining technology and expertise to deliver better accountancy services where strong relationships are built, and the unique needs of each client understood.

We have a real passion for technology and are constantly looking for ways in which core business processes can be streamlined, meeting regulatory requirements and enabling you to focus more on your core competencies.

At FFigures we want to have as much involvement with your business as you want us to. We pride ourselves on being proactive and available whenever you need us, whether it be a tax question or just a moan about Brexit!

FFigures was established by Lyndon Filby, an ACA Chartered Accountant with over 10 years accounting experience. Lyndon is experienced in using and implementing accounting software packages for clients and helping them design their business processes to take maximum advantage of these packages.

So, whether you only require a self-assessment return or a new system implementation FFigures can help, see our services overview page.

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